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Nevada's Washington Watch offers two types of subscriptions - one for businesses and corporations and one for individuals. And because you are a new subscriber, we have a special offer for you.


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Our individual subscription entitles you to direct access to the delegation members to pose your questions and have them read on the air of our “Eye On Washington” show. We’ll also send you our immediate updates so you know the very latest that’s happening on the Hill. You’ll also receive our own :”Outside The Beltway” column which looks at current and upcoming important issues.


As a new business subscriber you’ll receive several extra benefits in addition to those included with an individual subscription. You will receive access for up to 10 of your managers, colleagues or employees to the online Nevada’s Washington Watch Newsletter; a free link to your website from the Joyce Communications website; daily and weekly emails featuring a round-up of our Congressional delegation’s press reports; the opportunity to submit a guest  editorial or opinion piece on any topic important to you. You’ll also receive access to special advertising rates on our site, television and radio programs.


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